Consolidated Container Program

About Consoliadted Container Program

DuraDrive's competitive edge is the ability to ship a variety of products in one container. The unique advantage optimizaes freight costs, reduces transit time and ensures the right product mix for seasonal and even unforeseen events for our dealers. We are proud to offer this exciting program to our partners!

DuraDrive Consolidated Container Program

How the Container Program Works

Containers are designated, transported, dropped off, and picked up through the coordination of local service centers, regional container coordinators, and a central container management group. Depending on customer needs, containers are repositioned throughout our network based upon daily communication of current and future requirements. Additional containers are made available to support emergency situations and large projects and events. The central container management also oversees the rail and long-haul logistic services.

DuraDrive Consolidated Container Program

Container Tracking System

DuraDrive has the most advanced container tracking program that tracks containers from initial deployment, through all container movements within a customer’s location, and then on to the return of the empty container after it has been processed at a disposal facility.

Quality Control System

DuraDrive is committed to a continuous improvement program upgrading the quality and uniform standardization of its resources. As a result, we have and will continue to invest in quality control systems under its container management division.

DuraDrive Consolidated Container Program