Roofing Nails

Roofing Nails

Electrogalvanized roofing nails feature a large head and heavier shank gauge providing greater holding power.

  • Used for applying asphalt shingles, insulation board, vinyl siding & felt-to-wood substrates
  • Smooth finish
ID Specification Packaging
NAILROOEG1 1" 550Lb/48
NAILROOEG114 1-1/4" 550Lb/48
NAILROOEG112 1-1/2" 550Lb/48
NAILROOEG2 2" 550Lb/48
NAILROOEG212 2-1/2" 550Lb/48
NAILROOEG3 3" 550Lb/48
Roofing Nails

Featuring a large head to resist tearing and a spiral shank for great holding power.

  • Spiral shank used for masonry
ID Specification Packaging
NAILROOSPI112 1-1/2", Spiral 550Lb/48
NAILROOSPI134 1-3/4", Spiral 550Lb/48
NAILROOSPI212 2-1/2", Spiral 550Lb/48